Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thank You Joe!

A Hearty Thanks to Joe Fama

Joe Fama
Almost synonymous with TAP (Troy Architectural Program) is the name of its founder and long-time executive director, Joe Fama. Joe's passion for historic architecture made Troy the perfect home for him. He moved here to attend RPI in 1966 and never left.  
For almost 50 years Joe has been a stalwart supporter and cheerleader of Troy, both personally and in his leadership role at TAP.
Since creating TAP in 1969, TAP has restored countless buildings and streetscapes throughout the Capital Region, improving the look and feel of many communities. A man of strong opinions and creative ideas, he has provided assistance to hundreds of organizations and residents on issues such as code and zoning regulations, historic preservation, community stabilization and much, much more.    

TAP has partnered with TRIP  on many projects, including the substantial rehabilitation and energy upgrades of the School 10 Apartments, rehab/stabilization and/or architectural drawings of many other buildings, community planning initiatives, the Troy Vacant Properties Workgroup; the list goes on. TRIP was proud to bestow upon Joe its TRIP & RCHR Community Citizenship Award in 2011.  

So what's next for Joe Fama? 

According to Joe, "After 43 years, it is clearly time to step aside. I do not plan to take a new full time job, to move anywhere else, or to do anything wildly different. I hope to continue to work with the same wonderful people on the same social justice issues. I just want fewer responsibilities and a shorter work week. It will be exciting to watch TAP, led by Barbara Nelson (TAP's newest executive director as of October 1st) add new services and skills to its program."  
We are so glad that Troy will continue to benefit from your wisdom, experience, and humor, Joe.  We look forward to seeing - and perhaps working with -- you on important community projects. 

Congratulations to Joe for your decades of commitment to Troy and the area.  And we offer a warm welcome and congratulations to Barb Nelson as she becomes TAP's executive director as of October 1st.  We look forward to working with you in your new position, Barb!

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