Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Cheer and Underage Drinking

TRIP is a proud partner of the Troy Drug Free Community Coalition (Troy DFCC).  Helping young people avoid substance and alcohol abuse is key to their ability to reach their full potential and perhaps become dynamic leaders in their communities.  As a member of the Troy Drug Free Community Coalition, we will share their news and encourage you to participate in the Coalition.  Here is an important message from the Coalition to share with youth particularly at this time of the year.  
While the holiday season is a time for celebrations with family and friends, statistics show it is also a time when underage drinking sees a significant increase. Medical experts agree that there is usually a spike in underage drinking during the holidays. Medical centers see coma, death, asphyxiation, vomiting, suicide attempts and completions, and injuries increase - all of which are related to alcohol. 
The reasons are simple. Teens have more unsupervised time. Teens have easier access to alcohol. Our culture celebrates with alcohol.
The Troy Drug Free Community Coalition is urging parents to give their teens the priceless gift of time by remaining involved in their lives and scheduling meaningful family time throughout the holidays. Troy DFCC is a partnership of concerned community members organized for the purpose of reducing substance abuse among young people and building a healthier, safer, more prosperous community for all.
Troy DFCC knows that parental involvement is the most important factor in preventing teen drug use and we know that spending time with your kids and talking to them about the dangers of alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs are proven strategies for preventing drug use. We encourage you to talk about your expectations for non-use of drugs and alcohol and be firm about consequences should they make the poor decision to use. The holiday break is a great opportunity for families to open dialogue with teens through activities like cooking, shopping, traveling, or volunteering together.
Here are some ways families and the community can help to promote healthy celebrations and prevent underage drinking:
  • Help youth develop skills to see through alcohol marketing and other media messages linking the holiday with alcohol and good times.
  • Encourage activities that are alcohol-free, such as movie night, ice skating, or getting involved in community activities and board game night.
  • Prohibit underage youth from any area where alcohol is served.
  • Ensure that nonalcoholic drinks are available at all parties for teens and adults.
Visit us for other resources to help you start the conversation with your child.
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Davia Collington
Troy DFCC Coordinator

The Troy Drug-Free Community Coalition (Troy DFCC) is a partnership of concerned community members organized for the purpose of reducing substance abuse among young people and a vision of building a safer, more prosperous community for all.

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