Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Volunteers Needed for National Night Out

Do you want to help promote community/police partnerships in Troy? Both North and South Troy are hosting National Night Out events, and organizers are looking for volunteers!

If you would like to know more about Troy's National Night Out plans or are interested in volunteering please contact :
North Troy-- Claire at TRIP, claire@triponline.org or (518) 272-8289 x213.
South Troy-- Jane Snay of the Burden Iron Works Neighborhood Association, frinz40@hotmail.com

To learn more about National Night Out visit http://www.nationaltownwatch.org/nno/

Call for Nominations: Troy Treasure Award

TRIP is seeking nominations for the 2012 Troy Treasure Award-- an individual, group, or business committed to improving Troy. We know there are many of you, and we would love to see you honored as a Troy Treasure. This year's Troy Treasure awardee will be recognized at the TRIP & RCHR Homecoming Dinner on October 29th.

Please nominate your favorite Troy resident, business, group, etc. today! The deadline for nominations is July 19th.

More information and nomination forms may be found at http://www.triponline.org.

Thank you to Housing Counselors Susan Vosburgh and Birgit Wood

Everyone at TRIP would like to offer a huge "Thank You" to Housing Counselors Susan Vosburgh and Birgit Wood. Both of these wonderful ladies left TRIP in June for new employment.

Susan and Birgit worked in the TRIP NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center for 4 1/2 years and 2 1/2 years respectively. They will both be sorely missed by their clients and all of the staff here.
We wish them luck in their new positions!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Full-Time AmeriCorps*VISTA Positions Available, November 2012- November 2013

TRIP is seeking two motivated and energetic people to join our team for one year through AmeriCorpsVISTA. If you are interested in making a change in Troy and the world while sharing and/or gaining valuable experience and skills, this is a great opportunity for you!

Our VISTA volunteers will promote community involvement and healthy neighborhoods while furthering TRIP's commitment to bringing green and sustainable practices and resources to our customers and the community. We welcome your creativity, energy, and enthusiasm and promise you an opportunity to learn and make an impact in return.

AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) offers a modest living stipend and end of year benefit. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. For more information about VISTA go to http://www.americorps.gov/for_individuals/choose/vista.asp.

Applications will be accepted until August 3, 2012. For more information or to submit a letter of interest and resume contact hilary@triponline.org or TRIP, 415 River Street, Troy, NY 12180.

Deeper Shades of Green: Managing Cooling Costs

Summer is in full-swing, barbeques are being put to use, ice cream trucks troll neighborhoods, and cooling costs are at their seasonal high-point. How do we stay comfortable in our homes without resorting to lying down on the kitchen floor with the fridge door open? Well, TRIP would like to offer you a couple tricks to keep cooling costs low while staying comfortable during these hot, summer months:

1. Program your thermostat responsibly. If you regularly leave for work at 8:30 AM every morning and return home at 5:30 PM, program your thermostat to automatically set itself higher during those hours... maybe even have it start cooling more about 15 minutes before your scheduled return so that when you open the door you can still feel that cool burst of air! A suggested summer temperature range is 74-78 degrees.

2. Use light colored blinds or shades, and keep them closed while you're out. White or light colored window coverings will reflect sunlight better than darker colors, and if sun and heat are kept out, cooling will be less of an uphill battle.

3. Avoid heat generating activities during the hottest parts of the day. Did you ever think, "It's summer" would be an excuse for you to put off doing laundry? Running large appliances such as washers, dryers, and ovens produces additional heat in your house-- save those chores until later in the evening when it is not as hot.

New Faces at TRIP: Paul Richer

Joining the TRIP staff this month is Paul Richer! Paul, former Capital District Habitat for Humanity Executive Director and Family Support Manager, began on July 9th in the HomeOwnership Center as our HomeOwnership Advisor/ Foreclosure Specialist.

Paul Richer
In addition to his experiences in the housing sector Paul also enjoys taking the stage as an actor. Some of his most notable dramatic roles include: William Shakespeare's King Lear, Antonio Salieri in Amadeus, and John Proctor in The Crucible.

Paul has also spent a good deal of his life outside of the United States either living abroad or travelling. He has been to numerous countries throughout Europe and even lived with his family in West Africa for about seven years!

Helping people in need has been a lifelong mission for Paul, and much of his time has been spent working with troubled children and teens. TRIP is very lucky to be welcoming someone with such a rich, philanthropic background; welcome Paul, from everyone at TRIP!

We Can Help... Call Today! Foreclosure Services Available

Are you or someone you know having trouble paying the mortgage? Are you worried about your future stability?

Have you tried working with your lender or servicer to no avail? Are you confused by the various government programs and their requirements? Are you frustrated because you think that there is nothing that can be done?

We can help! Our trained and certified housing advisors at the TRIP NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center are available to assist you free of charge. We have the tools and experience to get results. We work closely with servicers to ensure that cases are handled expeditiously. We know how to navigate the federal assistance programs to determine the best solution for your situation. While not every homeowner will be able to avoid foreclosure, we can help those owners make the best possible choices with dignity and hope for the future.

There are no income or geographic requirements for foreclosure services at TRIP. If you have or may possibly default on your mortgage, contact us today. The earlier you reach out, the greater opportunity there is for a reasonable resolution. Doing nothing gets you nothing, so take action today.

Contact the TRIP NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center at
(518) 690-0020 or bobbi@triponline.org.

TRIP & RCHR Program Profile: Mini-Repair

One of the biggest issues for many homeowners is the cost of maintaining one's home. For low-income families, however, the prohibitive costs can lead to serious health and safety concerns in the home. To address some of these issues, Rensselaer County Housing Resources (RCHR), created the Mini-Repair Program.

This program, started in 1998, provides labor free of charge for up to five full days per year for income-qualified elderly, disabled, and/or very low income homeowners; homeowners only pay for the materials needed. Helping these families stay in their homes longer while maintaining the local housing stock is the mission of the Mini-Repair Program. Another benefit to Mini-Repair customers is ensuring that the labor needed to get the job done is by a qualified and trusted worker-- a full time RCHR employee.

Common jobs covered by the program include porch and stair repairs, minor electrical work, small painting or plastering jobs, installing smoke detectors, etc. While major repairs can not be performed under the Mini-Repair Program, RCHR staff can assist homeowners to find qualified, affordable contractors for these projects.

Helping County residents with small home repairs ensures that little problems do not grow to become a threat to anyone's health or safety. Keeping homes safe and comfortable will strengthen both the buildings in Rensselaer County while also the spirits. Since its founding, the Mini-Repair Program has served over 3,250 customers.

Promote Your Community, Write a "Troy's Treasures" Column

Does your neighborhood have great programs happening? Do you know of a compelling, historical Troy figure or story that you want to share? Want to publicize or report on a neighborhood event? Share your story through the "Troy's Treasures" column!

"Troy's Treasures" is published in the Troy Record every other Sunday. Any Troy resident is welcome to write a column promoting the positive programs, events, history, etc. happening in his or her neighborhood. If you would like to write a column or have an idea for an article, contact Claire Pitts at TRIP and sign up for a publication date. Claire can be reached by phone at (518) 272-8289 x213 or email her at claire@triponline.org.

To read past "Troy's Treasures" articles click here: http://triponline.org/news_and_events/TroyTreasuresArticles.html.