Friday, November 11, 2011

Popular Troy Landlord Training Program is Back!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011, 5:30 - 9:30pm
@The Homeownership Center

Maximize your return. Minimize your aggravation.
Did you know that TRIP has trained over 1000 landlords in its popular Landlord Training Program? This informative class is designed for landlords of any size property, including owner occupied, both newbies and old-timers. The training  sessions are held two times each year. Participants learn best rental management practices in this four-hour session.  Hear from TRIP's Rental Management Director, one of Troy's community police officers, a code enforcement inspector, Rensselaer Polytecnic Institute, and United Tenants. Seating Limited. $15 materials fee includes a light dinner served.

Please register in advance.
 Learn about:
*SMOKE FREE HOUSING and more... 

  To Register please call The Homeownership Center at 690-0020
or To register online, click here.

Goodbye and Thank You

Jeanette Nicholson

TRIP bids adieu - and thanks -- to Americorps*VISTA Volunteer Jeanette Nicholson.  We can hardly believe that Jeanette's one year position here ends this month; the year has definitely flown by!   Serving as TRIP's Outreach Worker, she has been so helpful in supporting various neighborhood groups, TNAC (Troy Neighborhoods Action Council), and the Vacant Properties Workgroup.  She worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the success of community events like North Central's National Night Out and Earth Day cleanups, Uptown's Harvest Festival, TRIP's Open House at 2232 5th Avenue and more. She was a frequent face in the neighborhoods as part of TRIP's commitment to community-building.

Hilary Lamishaw, TRIP's Director of Community Affairs, claims, "Jeanette has brought such value to TRIP with her passion for Troy's neighborhoods.  Yet what I'll miss most is her smile, enthusiasm and gentle nature.  She was really a pleasure to work with. We're lucky that Jeanette is a long-time homeowner in Troy. We know we'll be seeing her out and about in Troy!"

From all of us at TRIP:  "Thanks so much, Jeanette!  It's been great having you as part of our team."    

Two New Faces at TRIP

Joining the TRIP team this month are two new AmeriCorp VISTA Volunteers. Claire Pitts and Mary Rynasko will be spending the next year as an Outreach Support Worker and a Program Support Worker respectively.

But what is a VISTA Volunteer? AmeriCorps "Volunteers in Service to America" has been on the front lines in the fight against poverty in America for more than 45 years. VISTA members commit to serve full-time for a year at a nonprofit organization or local government agency, working to fight illiteracy, improve health services, create businesses, strengthen community groups, and much more. With passion, commitment, and hard work, volunteers create or expand programs designed to bring individuals and communities out of poverty.

Mary Rynasko is a 2011 graduate of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. At Skidmore, she studied studio art and sociology focusing particularly on her interests in textiles, drawing, and gender studies. Mary says, “I learned of the position at TRIP through a family friend and started the ball rolling from there. I’ve spent the last four years taking a lot of art classes but always with an eye on how my work speaks to larger social issues. Through my study of sociology, I have become acutely aware of my own privileges and hope that my past and future decisions will position me to use those privileges as a tool for advancing equality; those who can do—should.” If you are curious to see how Mary spent her time and what sort of art she made at Skidmore, feel free to visit!!

Claire Pitts is a recent graduate of Alfred University with an Interdisciplinary Art major and a Dance minor. Though she loved living in a small town for the last four years, she missed her home in Troy and found herself excited to return at the end of her senior year. Claire states, “There is a creative and innovative energy in Troy that refuses to fade. I became a VISTA to encourage that energy to grow! I grew up guided by parents who were always involved in local non-profits, and it rubbed off on me in a big way. This year, I am looking forward to acquiring a skill set that will be helpful to not-for-profits. Already, I am excited about seeing some of TRIP’s current plans come to fruition. Troy is a beautiful place and I’d love to help its residents feel good about living here!” Claire makes sound and performance art and specializes in site-specific, modern dance. She has no website, but can provide links to some pretty silly dances she’s taken part in.

Giving Thanks to Our Community Supporters

Joe Fama and Andrew Lynn

The TRIP/RCHR Annual Homecoming Dinner on October 24th was another wonderful event. The Troy Treasure Award  went to Andrew Lynn of The Troy Bike Rescue. Andrew writes, "We had a great time at the dinner.  We were truly honored to recognized by TRIP and to share the spotlight with TAP, two organizations that are so highly regarded in the Troy Community.  We have a great amount of respect for Joe Fama and have known about his work and role in revitalizing Troy for some time.  It feels pretty amazing to be recognized as a Troy Treasure also because we are a small all-volunteer non-profit, but we have big ideas and this means that Troy is taking us seriously. Thank you!!! Thanks TRIP!!! and thanks to our amazing community of supporters."

The Citizenship Award went to Joe Fama of Troy Architectural Project, Inc. (TAP) Joe says, "The three nicest things about being named a Community Citizenship Awardee are, first, the honor and amazement I feel at joining the list of previous recipients; people that I have admired and appreciated for their commitment and accomplishments to our community. Second, the evening itself. It was deeply moving to see so many dear friends, many that I had not seen in a very long time and many that have been with me every step of the way. Third, the deep sense of gratitude and kinship I feel with TRIP and its excellent staff and board who have shared this forty year labor of love in Troy, New York; our fabulous, funny and fascinating city." Thank you, Andrew and Joe, for all you do so tirelessly to make our city a great place to live.

A moving video presentation highlighted the evening with heartfelt words from several people expressing their gratefulness for the work of TRIP in their lives. It was an extraordinary and inspirational night. Thank you to all who made it special and to those who support the work of TRIP. If you would like to volunteer your time to help with planning next year's dinner, please call 272-8289. If you or your organization would like to donate to the work of TRIP and RCHR, please visit the donor page at our website.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pastor Willie, Thanksgiving 2011: We Need Your Help!

Missing Link Street Ministry, led by Pastor Willie Bacote, recipient of the 2010 Troy Treasure award at the TRIP/RCHR Homecoming Dinner, will again be sponsoring a Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner to help out families and individuals around Troy.  Last year, over 1100 people were fed due to the generous support of people and businesses in our city.

Rev. Willie writes, "This year we are having great difficulty with our fund-raising efforts and are reaching out to you for help. Please volunteer your services or donate generously to feed the hungry, and to bring joy and love to Troy on Thanksgiving Day." Check out the video above for more info on how you can help.

Rev. Willie Bacote and E. Stewart Jones at last year's TRIP/RCHR Annual Homecoming Dinner
Complete dinners will be available from noon - 3pm on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th at the church or deliveries can be made by calling 421-5222 to make arrangements. Donations are being accepted and volunteers are needed to cook, serve, deliver and clean up.  Please respond by contacting Reverend Willie D. Bacote, Missing Link Street Ministry, 3370 Sixth Avenue, Troy, NY 12182 or by phone at 421-5222 or 279-7096.