Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Value of One

2232 5th Ave
Revitalizing Community
One Piece at a Time

There will be a new look on an old house at 2232 5th Avenue in Troy. TRIP recently purchased this four-unit, architecturally-interesting but long-neglected building. We are in the process of doing a complete rehabilitation of the building with plans for a ribbon-cutting in Spring 2011.

When finished, there will be upgraded, energy efficient units for tenants at affordable prices, a new appealing facade that will improve the street scape for neighbors as well as passersby, and another property will have been returned to the City's tax roll. It sounds simple and on the face of it, it is. The actual project, however, is a huge endeavor requiring lots of staff planning time, securing adequate financing from a variety of sources, coordinating various partners, architectural plans, contractor bids, and ... that's before rehabilitation can even begin!

2232 5th Ave. Rendering by Randy Rumpf
Despite the difficulties of taking a simple idea through its very complex implementation from beginning to end, we know its the right thing to do. We believe in the value of one in community revitalization: that the transformation of one blighted building into a productive, viable property benefits the entire block; that investment in one building can encourage other property owners to invest as well; that a well-cared look of a building can attract renters who likewise want to take care of it.

Through TRIP's HomeOwnership Center, this same philosophy -- the power of one -- underlines our homeownership education and landlord training programs, among others. The addition of one responsible homeowner or landlord adds to the fabric of that community.

TRIP could not help to revitalize Troy's communities without its many partners over the past four decades of our existence. We appreciate the support from so many people, organizations, and companies. And we hope that you will continue this support by making a donation today. Thanks.

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  1. Great idea, I trust Trip will over see its tenant selection so that this building and its occupants will be a asset to this neglected neighborhood not a added burden.

  2. Thank you for choosing our beloved 5th Ave. We rehabed 18 units on the 2100 block 3 years ago and have seen dramatic change in the environment. We now have grad students and young professionals as tenants and love them. As far as the upgrades in Troy for the 3 years we cannot even count them. Bravo! Beth Anne & Bill Hughes

  3. Glad to see this building being renovated instead of being torn down! Since I bought a house on this block 5 years ago, 3 houses have been demolished--a sad thing for this community. Thanks for keeping this house alive.